IDC Technology Spotlight: The Next Wave of SD-WAN Adoption

The next wave of SD-WAN adoption will require an unprecedented degree of automated intelligence, including pervasive visibility and extensive security capabilities. Integrated AIOps will feature heavily, too, ensuring that networks and the applications that traverse them perform optimally, securely, and cost-effectively.

Even as features are added and extensibility grows, however, enterprises will place a premium on SD-WAN offerings that abstract the inherent complexities of provisioning, managing, and securing the WAN. Complexity incurs the expenditure of time and resources, which slows rather than accelerates the speed at which business can move. Simplicity will take the form of easily consumable, turnkey offerings that involve no compromise in the functionality and performance of both the SD-WAN overlay and the underlying network transports.

As the next wave of SD-WAN enterprise buyers evaluates the available options, the partnership of CloudGenix and Wipro is well placed to help those organizations achieve their digital-transformation objectives, including business benefits such as greater employee productivity, enhanced digital engagement with customers and partners, faster time to market, great WAN cost optimization (capex and opex), improved business agility, and ultimately greater competitive advantage in a world where challenges come from traditional rivals as well as digital natives.

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