CloudGenix Azure Virtual WAN CloudBlade Deployment Guide

Integrating with Azure Virtual WAN

Microsoft and CloudGenix have jointly delivered a solution for high performance delivery of Microsoft Azure to remote offices world-wide.

Microsoft Azure Virtual WAN (vWAN) provides a high-speed global network with minimal latencies. CloudGenix CloudBlades platform enables the secure delivery of best-of-breed branch infrastructure from the cloud. The CloudGenix Azure CloudBlade optimizes branch to Azure connectivity by securely and seamlessly integrating your enterprise WAN with Azure Virtual WAN.

This Deployment Guide contains the information you need to:

    • Plan for the deployment
    • Configure and install the Azure Virtual WAN CloudBlade
    • Assign tags to objects in the CloudGenix Portal
    • Validate the CloudBlade configuration
    • Edit application network path policy rules
    • Manage and troubleshoot the Azure vWAN CloudBlade

Download your copy of the Deployment Guide to learn more.