Cash for Clunkers

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Stuck in the mind-numbing, wallet-draining cycle of paying maintenance on routers that your vendor doesn’t even sell anymore?

Dreading the fact that you need a Ph.D. in networking to try to make QoS work? Old school routers weren’t designed to make it easy for someone to configure and manage. They’re built using decades-old technology and don’t have the horsepower to handle the way business is done today.

CloudGenix wants to help everyone upgrade their WAN from black and white to full 4K ultra HD.
AppFabric brings performance, agility, and simplicity to the WAN. It’s a self-healing network that operates using principles that matter to your business: applications, sites, and business priorities, rather than clunky command lines running on grandma’s 1980’s station wagon.

Get three months free with your new three-year subscription.
CloudGenix will extend any new three-year subscription with an additional three months for each site where a legacy router or 1st generation SD-WAN device is traded in on purchase. With AppFabric you can take advantage of today’s technology and get the controls you need for performance, security, and compliance.